Search Using Find and Advanced Find

Search and find objects from the Ortelius Toolbar search bar.

Find Objects

  1. Click on a layer name in the Layers list to make it the active layer.
  2. Click into the Search Bar and type a search term.
  3. Click Enter and Ortelius will find and select any matching objects in the active layer.

By default, objects are searched based on: visible text, such as text boxes or labels, and the “searchable text” of objects, which may include their attribute values. For example, open the Australia template map by choosing File > New From Template from the main menu and choosing Countries > Australia from the template chooser. Click onto “States/Provinces” in the layer list to make it the active layer. Now type “New South Wales” in the Search Bar and hit Enter. New South Wales is selected on the map.

To Use Advanced Find:

  1. Click onto the drop-down menu on the Search Bar.
  2. Choose Advanced Find to open the Advanced Find window.
  3. Choose a field that is available for searching from the drop-down list. These include object and style properties, such as style name and any available attribute identifiers.
  4. By default, the active layer is searched. As needed, check the option to search all layers.

HINT: A search can be saved as a Smart Search for later use.

About Advanced Find Operators:


Operators available from a drop-down list are used to define the search. Operators are context sensitive depending on the data type being used in the search.

HINT: The “sounds similar to” operator finds text that sounds similar when pronounced in English – for example searching for “Fosfer” will find “Phosphor.” All other searches find an exact (but case-insensitive) match based on the actual characters.

To Build Complex Searches in Advanced Find:

  1. Click the “+” button to add new search criteria to build complex search queries. Multiple terms may be added.

In this example, counties in the state of Nevada whose area is greater than 8,000 (square miles) were selected.

HINT: Searches can be saved as a Smart Search for later use.