To Open Preferences:

Choose Ortelius > Preferences… in the main menu.

The menu is tabbed for Editing, Performance, Options and Switches preferences.

To Change Editing Preferences:

  1. Click the Editing tab.
  2. Change one or more of the following settings:
  • Automatically close paths – When drawing Irregular Polygons, Bezier Paths and Freehand Paths the paths will automatically “formally” close when you finish a path at its starting point. Uncheck this setting if you prefer paths not automatically close (default – unchecked).
  • End points of closed-loop paths treated as a single point – Paths whose end points are coincident are treated as a single point when moving them or their control handles (default – checked).
  • Display dimensions when dragging objects – Displays page coordinates or object dimensions as object is dragged or resized (default – checked).
  • Freehand smoothness – Sets the smoothness of the Freehand Path tool to fine, smooth, or very smooth (smoothness is related to number of points) (default – Smooth).
  • Snap to Graph Paper when Graph Paper is visible – When Graph Paper layer is visible, the snap to graph paper setting will be active; when Graph Paper layer is hidden, the snap setting will be deactivated (default – checked).
  • Return-key inserts a new line when editing text boxes – Default behavior is the Return-key goes to new line when editing text boxes. Click outside of text box ends text editing (default – checked). If unchecked, Return-key will end editing; use the key combination CMND-Shift to go to next line.
  • Allow inline images in text boxes – Images can be dropped into text boxes from the Image Browser, becoming in-line with other text (default – unchecked).
  • Select text for editing when text box or path is created (default – checked).

To Change Options Preferences:

  1. Click the Options tab.
  2. Change one or more of the following settings:
  • Show template chooser when launching application – Template chooser opens automatically on application launch (default – checked).
  • Handles – Curve handles and rotation knobs can be displayed a normal or large size. Large size makes selecting object handles easier when zoomed out and on large format screens (default – Small).
  • Option – scrollwheel zooms drawing – Allows magnification of the view to be changed using Option-key + scrollwheel (default – checked). Check to invert scrollwheel zoom direction changes sense of scrollwheel zooming.
  • Track pad zooming gestures – Two finger pinch to zoom and two finger double-tap smart zoom enabled when checked (default – checked)
  • Auto-activate clicked layer – When checked, clicking objects automatically activates the layer they belong to (default – unchecked).
  • Style Dropper remembers last style used – Style dropper remembers last style it picked up (default – unchecked).
  • Tools remember styles individually– When switching between tools, the style will change to the last style used with the tool (default – unchecked).
  • Enable Autosaving and Versions – Enables Autosave and Versions support for Mac OS X “Lion” and higher. If unchecked, the classic document saving methodology is used (default – checked).

To Change Performance Preferences:

  1. Click the Performance tab.
  2. Change one or more of the following settings:
  • Faster, lower quality drawing when zooming and scrolling – Enables automatic use of low-quality rendering during operations that require rapid redrawing, such as zooming and scrolling, to speed performance (default – unchecked).
  • Anti-aliasing – Turning off anti-aliasing preference improves performance while editing large files (default – checked).
  • Hide Shadows above % zoom level – Turning off shadows at very high zoom improves performance while editing large files; note, the zoom scale can be set by the user (above 800%; default – checked).
  • Ignore Gaussian Blur filters when importing SVG – Related to the software in which an SVG file was created, occasionally Gaussian Blur filters may not be efficiently imported. Turn off filters when working with such SVG files (default – unchecked).

To Change Advanced Preferences:

  1. Click the Advanced tab.
  2. Change one or more of the following settings:
  • Reset All Alerts… does what you’d expect.
  • Empty Image Browser Cache…
  • Automatically check for updates – If checked, you will be informed when an update is available.
  • Record up to __ undoable operations – Sets the number of undo operations available when using the Undo command (the default is 24).
  • Don’t clear undo when saving – (default unchecked).

To Reset Preferences:

  1. Hold the Option-key down and choose Ortelius > Reset Preferences… from the main menu.
  2. When presented with the confirmation dialog, click ‘Reset Preferences’.

HINT: This restores everything to its original state as if the application were a new installation. It cannot be undone, and should only be done if absolutely necessary.