Sharing Styles and Symbols

Easily import and export Collections from the Library Manager. The Mapdiva website now contains downloadable Collections shared by Mapdiva, LLC and other Ortelius users. Visit our Shop to explore what’s available.

To Open the Library Manager:


Do one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Library Manager from the main menu.
  • Click the Library Manager icon in the toolbar (note, the Library Manager icon is not in the toolbar by default and can be added by customizing the toolbar).
  • Use the Command-5 keyboard shortcut.

To Import Symbol Collections From Others:

  1. Download & unzip the file as necessary.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Choose “Import Collection…” from the Library Manager – Action Menu (looks like a gear). The collection will be imported into My Library and displayed, or
  • In the Finder, double-click the unzipped symbols file to automatically launch Ortelius and install the collection.

To Export Symbol Collections:

  1. In the Library Manager, choose the user collection to be exported.
  2. Choose “Export Collection…” from the Library Manager – Action Menu (looks like a gear). The collection s exported as a zipped Ortelius symbol collection file with the name and to the location you specify.

Project Workflow for Reusable Artwork in Artboard

As often happens in graphic design, you may want to re-use the artwork you create in Artboard later in different layouts, such as re-using logos in business cards, websites, and brochures; or when storyboarding a new iOS application. Find out how Artboard’s Library Manager makes quick work of accessing all your stored graphics.

Tutorial Details

Program : Artboard 1.1+ for Mac OSX
Difficulty: Intermediate
Topics Covered: Library Manager
Estimated Completion Time: 15-20 minutes

Step 1

Artboard delivers with a built-in collection of hundreds of styles and editable vector clip art. Did you know you can also create your own custom collections? In this example, we’ll show you how to use Artboard’s Library Manager to save all your own graphics and styles that you want to save for later re-use.

Choose Window > Library Manager [CMND-5] in the main menu to open the Library Manager. Click the “New Collection” icon at the bottom-left of the window to add a new collection. As needed, double-click to select and type a name for the new collection. Close the Library Manager.

(Note: The User’s Collection will be created for you the first time you add clip art or styles to the library – you can use this step to add additional Collections.)

Step 2

Start by drawing some simple shapes and styles similar to the ones shown below. For example, draw a few simple shapes with different fill colors, and create a new line style. Separate objects are saved as separate clip arts. Before creating clip art of a complex graphic, you should group the objects together as one group. Later when you use the clip art in another drawing, you can ungroup it as needed for editing.

Step 3

Now, let’s add the objects as clip arts. Use the Select [s] tool and hold the Command-key to select both objects, then choose Edit > Add Clip Art To Library [CMND-Y] from the main menu. The Library Manager opens and two clip arts are created and added to User’s Collection. Double-click the name of each clip art to rename them. For example, we’ve renamed ours “graphic 1” and “graphic 2” to help us tell them apart later. As desired, you can drag the clip arts from the default User collection to your other collections to keep them organized.

More information on managing your Library, including moving and deleting items, is available in the Artboard Users’ Guide.

Step 4

Next let’s look at how we save styles.

In step #2, you created a new style following our example. In the Style Inspector, type a name for the style and click <Enter>, then click the “Add To My Collection…” button. You can repeat this for all the styles you want to save for later re-use.

Step 5

Notice that when you add items to the Library, they are immediately available for use in your drawing through the Styles & Clip Art palette. Open the Styles & Clip Art palette and click the Library icon to choose your new collection. From the Styles & Clip Art palette you can drag clip art onto your drawing, choose a style and begin drawing, or even drag a style onto an existing object to replace its style.

Final Image

The Artboard Library is a great place for your to save your graphics as clip arts and styles for later re-use. We hope you find this workflow for re-usable artwork useful in your own projects.