Import Free SVG Graphics, Like This Awesome Chinese New Year Dragon

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an open-standard vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. SVG graphics are available from many sources, and here we show how to import and edit a graphic from, a free and public domain source of SVG clip art (Mapdiva is not affiliated with

Tutorial Details

Program: Artboard 1.7+ graphic design app for Mac OS X
Difficulty: Intermediate
Topics Covered: Image Browser
Estimated Completion Time: about 10 minutes

Step 1

Obtain an SVG file to open in Artboard. Here, we visit and download an SVG file to our local computer directory.

The file in this tutorial is “Chinese New Year Icon” by nicubunu and is provided here as a convenience.

There are two ways to use SVG graphics in Artboard. Add an SVG graphic to an existing Artboard drawing or open an SVG graphic file directly. Both options will open the SVG in the native Artboard file format.

Prefer doing things hands-on? Give it a try…


Step 2

Option 1: Add an SVG graphic to an existing Artboard drawing


Click the Image Browser icon in the Artboard toolbar to open it. As needed, click the “+” in the lower left corner of the Image Browser window to add the directory in which the SVG file is located. Drag and drop the graphic from the Image Browser onto your drawing canvas.

Artboard implements the SVG 1.1 standard, and ignores any and all non-standard comments that other applications frequently use to “help out” when parsing SVG. Occasionally, results may differ from what is expected. See Working With SVG for more information.

Option 2: Open an SVG graphic file directly from Finder

In Apple’s Finder, right-click the SVG file and choose “Open With > Artboard.” A new Artboard file will be created containing the vector graphic.

Step 3


Often SVG graphics contain many grouped objects, and sometimes groups within groups. As needed Select and Ungroup the imported graphic, then edit as desired.