Customizing the Ortelius Toolbar

The toolbar gives you one-click access to many of the actions you’ll use when working with drawings.

As you work and get to know which actions you perform most often, you can add, remove, and rearrange toolbar buttons to suit your working style. To see a description of what a button does, hold the pointer over the button.

To Show (or Hide) the Toolbar:

Choose View > Show (or Hide) Toolbar from the main menu.

To Customize the Toolbar:

  1. Choose View > Customize Toolbar, or right-click the toolbar and choose “Customize” from the contextual menu. The Customize Toolbar sheet appears.
  2. Make any of the following changes to the toolbar as desired:
  • Add an item to the toolbar, drag its icon to the toolbar.
  • Remove an item from the toolbar, drag it out of the toolbar.
  • Restore the default set of toolbar buttons, drag the default set to the toolbar.
  • Make the toolbar icons smaller, select Use Small Size.
  • Show only icons or only text, choose an item from the Show pop-up menu.
  • Rearrange items in the toolbar, drag them to position.

3. Click Done.

Alternative Ways to Customize Toolbar:

Do one of the following:

  • Remove an item from the toolbar by pressing the Command key while dragging the item out of the toolbar.
  • Move an item by pressing the Command key while dragging the item around in the toolbar.

Artboard 2 editable vector clip art collection flat shapes

Shapes Clip Art Included with Artboard 2

Shapes clip art provide several complex shapes and graphic elements that are perfect starting points for custom designs. These clip art are among the wide assortment of fully editable vector clip art and custom styles included in the built-in Artboard Library. Note, some clip art are made from multiple objects and should be ungrouped before editing.

Terms of Use

Creative Commons License Media (e.g., templates, clip art, styles and symbols) provided by Mapdiva LLC are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. This allows licensees of Mapdiva software to reuse those media for integration within their own work, both personal and commercial; however, Mapdiva reserves fully and unconditionally all trademark, branding and redistribution rights associated with the original media. Attribution to is requested, however not required.

Artboard Optimized for Retina Display

We’ve optimized Artboard for retina display. It involved redesigning all icons and app buttons as vector graphics for high-resolution display. This was a huge undertaking and we are proud that every last one of them was made exclusively in Artboard. It’s a great example of what you can create with Artboard.