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Country and US State Outline Maps Included Free with Artboard 2

State shape outline maps are perfect for including in school and business reports, presentations, iBooks, web pages, and more. These are fully-scalable, fully-editable editable vector graphics. Compare to high-priced “powerpoint” clip art maps, it is easy to change their colors, put multiple states together, copy and paste into Pages, Keynote, Word, and more, or print and share directly from Artboard.

U.S. state outline maps are proportional to each other and can be “fit together” to form groupings of states, for example, California, Nevada and Arizona. Note, some rotation may be needed when fitting together. Some clip art are made from multiple objects that can be ungrouped before editing.

Terms of Use

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AAG Session: Geography on the Mac

Mapdiva is pleased to present the “Geography on the Mac” session at the 2011 Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA on April 12-16.

Geography on the Mac is becoming an increasingly viable option in the geography curriculum as technologies continue to change and evolve. While Mac market share has been steadily on the rise, particularly among student bodies, the platform has historically been weak in supporting geography-related tool sets. That landscape is changing with new software being introduced and the opening of the platform to support the Windows operating system (OS). This session is designed to showcase a variety of geospatial Mac OS applications that are being used within the academic environment as integrated classroom research and learning tools.


  • Gaige B Paulsen, Using GIS for Crime Analysis on the Mac (Cartographica)
  • Kazimierz Zaniewski, Mapmaking with Cartes et Données
  • Larry Biehl, MultiSpec for Remote Sensing
  • Daniel Strebe, Introduction to Geocart 3 Map Projection Software
  • Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Introducing Map Design with Ortelius for Mac OS

Sponsored by the AAG Cartography Specialty Group.