Map Text Label Styles Included with Ortelius for Mac

Map Text Styles Included with Ortelius

Ortelius’ Styles & Symbols palette includes a series of text styles designed for map text, titles and labels perfect for cartography and map design. Text styles are formatted to provide a complimentary selection of text for map feature names, such as countries, regions, rivers and towns. To edit built-in styles, Clone a style and customize it to suit your project.  These are just some of the styles & clip art among a wide assortment of over 1700 fully editable vector map symbols and custom styles included in the built-in Ortelius Library.

To Get This Collection

This collection is included with the Ortelius software for Mac OS X. Don’t have Ortelius? Try it free!

Terms of Use

Creative Commons License Media provided by Mapdiva LLC are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. Attribution to is requested, however not required.


Using the Ortelius Fonts Panel

Text is styled directly through the Fonts panel and Text commands in the main menu. With one or more text objects selected, open the Fonts panel. As desired, choose the font and associated style elements, such as size, color, and shadow. Alternatively, colors can be dropped on text objects directly from the Colors panel.

To Open the Fonts Panel:


Do one of the following:

  • Choose the Fonts icon in the toolbar.
  • Choose Text > Show Fonts from the main menu.

To Use the Fonts Panel:

  1. Choose one or more text object.
  2. Use the Fonts panel to choose typefaces, font sizes, and other font formatting, including text shadows and strikethrough.

Here is a summary of the text effects buttons, from left to right across the top:

  • Text Underline pop-up menu to choose an underline style (such as single or double).
  • Text Strikethrough pop-up menu to choose a strikethrough style (such as single or double).
  • Text Color pop-up menu to apply a color to text.
  • Text Shadow button to apply a shadow to selected text.
  • Shadow Opacity, Shadow Blur, Shadow Off set, and Shadow Angle controls affect the appearance of the shadow.

To Set Outlined and Masked Text in the Object Inspector:


Use the Object Inspector to add advanced styling, including text outline and text mask. Text outline and masking are particularly useful for making text stand out on top of dark, colored, or complex backgrounds.

  1. Make text active for editing.
  2. Open the Object Inspector.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • To outline text, use the slider, highlight the text and type, or use the up/down arrows to adjust the outline thckness as a percentage of font size. Click the color well to change the outline color.
  • To mask text, use the slider, highlight the text and type, or use the up/down arrows to adjust the mask (knockout) size as a percentage of font size. Click the color well to change the mask color.

HINT: Masking can be any color as well as semi-transparent, and the size of the mask is fully adjustable.