Using a Contour Layer

The Contour Layer feature is included as a demo feature for users desiring to draw cross section elevation profiles and illustrative (fiction) maps. Demo features are not fully supported nor intended for applications that require accuracy.

To Add a Contour Layer:

  1. Choose Layer > New Contour Layer from the main menu.

To Add Contours:


Adding contours is much like painting them on your map canvas with your cursor.

  • With the Contour layer active, press and drag the cursor around the map canvas, release. A contour is added.
  • Press and drag again adds another contour and automatically adjusts existing contour lines if they push up against each other.
  • Repeat.

To Adjust the Contour Settings:


The Contours dialog lets you adjust the following settings:

  • Show (or hide) the cross-section (‘Section’) bar
  • Switch the cross-section bar from horizontal to vertical
  • Change base height
  • Unit of measure
  • Contour interval
  • Line width
  • Smooth or simplify contours
  • Color of contours with positive or negative elevations
  • Apply raise or lower terrain or cut valley tool actions
  • Size of terrain tool

To View Cross-Sections of Elevation:

  1. With the Contour layer active, drag the ‘Section’ bar across your map area. The elevations at the bottom of the bar are shown in the cross-section interactively as the bar is dragged.
  2. Use the ‘Contours’ dialog to switch the cross-section bar from horizontal to vertical.

To Remove (or Hide) a Contour Layer:

Do one of the following:

  • Click the “show/hide” icon (looks like an eye) from the layer list to hide (or show) the Contour layer.
  • Delete the Contour layer.