Printing Your Map

A flexible print dialog offers single page and “poster-tiled” printing.

To Print:

  1. Choose File > Print to open the print dialog.
  2. Click Show Details to reveal the print options, including “Fit to Single Page,” “Graph Paper,” and “Crop Marks.”

HINT: Your drawing canvas can be larger than your actual printer paper size – if it is larger you can either “poster-tile” print your drawing over multiple sheets (default), or “Fit to Single Page” when printing. To make sure your printer is set with the proper paper size and page orientation, choose File > Page Setup… before printing.

Posters! To Tile a Poster Over Multiple Printed Pages:

Printed drawings come in all shapes and sizes, but you are limited by the size of paper in your printer. Drawings can be larger or smaller than the physical paper size that you have in your printer. If the drawing is larger, your drawing is automatically tiled over multiple printed sheets enabling you to print large posters, or ‘shrink to fit’ on a single page. If you’re feeling crafty, tiled sheets can be pieced together manually after printing. Choose “Crop Marks” from the print options to show the seams between printed sheets.

For best results, consider your purpose and what size you want during drawing setup.

To Change Printer Page Size and Orientation Settings:


Choose File > Page Setup… from the main menu to define your printer paper size and page orientation.

To Shrink to Fit to a Single Page for Printing:


When tiling a large drawing isn’t desired, you can change settings so a drawing will shrink to fit on a single page. Printing options include a simple checkbox for scaling the entire drawing to a single page.

  1. Choose File > Print… from the main menu.
  2. Check ‘Fit to Single Page’ in the application print options.

When fitting to a single page, all objects including text will be shrunk to fit.