Using Templates

Ortelius delivers with templates for backgrounds, blank standard paper, and several world, regional, and country outline maps. When you first open Ortelius, the Template Chooser is shown by default. Included templates are of varying paper sizes and designs, some of which are sized for poster (tiled) printing or can be shrunk to fit to a single page upon printing.

When you save a drawing created from a standard or custom template, the modifications will not affect the original file. That is, the template itself remains untouched.

To Display (or Hide) the Template Chooser when Launching Ortelius:

  1. Launch Ortelius (first time) or choose File > Template > New From Template… from the main menu.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Check (or uncheck) ‘Show this window at launch’ to be presented with the template window each time you open Ortelius.
  • Open Ortelius > Preferences… Options in the main menu and check (or uncheck) ‘Show Template Chooser when launching application.’

To Open a New Drawing from Template:

  1. Choose File > Template > New From Template… from the main menu.
  2. Browse the folders of included templates, or your user templates (if any), and choose a template as desired, or “Cancel” to skip templates.

To Edit Template Files:

  1. Open a new file from template.
  2. Within any given template, drawing objects are placed on different layers to keep objects organized. Click onto a layer to make it active. Use the Select [s] tool and click an object within the active layer to select it. Add or delete objects using the drawing tools to customize.
  3. To edit text, use the Select [s] tool and double-click the text to edit it.

To Create Your Own Templates:

  1. Create a new drawing.
  2. Choose File > Templates… > Save Copy As Template to create your own template (a copy of the file is stored in the Template Chooser under a folder titled ‘My Templates’).

To Manage ‘My Templates’:


To access user-created My Templates files to rename, delete, or back-up your files, they are saved to a special folder.

In Mac OS 10.7 and later:

  1. Choose File > Template > New From Template… from the main menu.
  2. Click to select a template (it will be highlighted in green when selected).
  3. Right-click the selected user template and choose “Reveal In Finder” from the contextual menu.

Alternatively, in Finder hold the OPTION-key down while choosing Go > Library in the main menu. Find the following folder:

Mac OS 10.7 and earlier
~/Library/Application Support/com.mapdiva.ortelius/My Templates, where ~ is your home directory

Mac OS 10.8+
~/Library/Containers/ Support/ Templates

Artboard 2 collection states countries regions

Country and US State Outline Maps Included Free with Artboard 2

State shape outline maps are perfect for including in school and business reports, presentations, iBooks, web pages, and more. These are fully-scalable, fully-editable editable vector graphics. Compare to high-priced “powerpoint” clip art maps, it is easy to change their colors, put multiple states together, copy and paste into Pages, Keynote, Word, and more, or print and share directly from Artboard.

U.S. state outline maps are proportional to each other and can be “fit together” to form groupings of states, for example, California, Nevada and Arizona. Note, some rotation may be needed when fitting together. Some clip art are made from multiple objects that can be ungrouped before editing.

Terms of Use

Creative Commons License Media (e.g., templates, clip art, styles and symbols) provided by Mapdiva LLC are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. This allows licensees of Mapdiva software to reuse those media for integration within their own work, both personal and commercial; however, Mapdiva reserves fully and unconditionally all trademark, branding and redistribution rights associated with the original media. Attribution to is requested, however not required.