Ortelius 2

Modern map design software for MacOS

No Subscription, No Expiry


    $399 USD
    Ortelius 2 Perpetual License includes all minor updates and feature releases within the current version, Ortelius 2. Does not include major upgrades to next major point release, e.g., version 3.0. License may be used with up to 2 computers within a single household.

So after 2 weeks of struggling in Illustrator… Wow. It only took me a few hours to complete what has (unsuccessfully) taken me weeks to accomplish. Well worth it!!!

Dan Ludingtonfrom Digital Iconoclasm

2nd Purchase. Now using it for engineering flow drawings at work!

Deborah S.

Some of the features I love including smart intersections and linear selection. These are many things I struggle with Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis.

James M.