• Biking helped create landmark associations

  • Commuter life in an edge city

    Highways encircle the greater San Antonio area, creating distinct travel boundaries

  • Moving cross country by highway, into the unknown

  • A personalized re-imagination of DC’s Metro Rail system

Made With Ortelius Educational Ed.

By Rosendo Flores

2011 student at George Mason University in their history masters program

From an Edge City to a New Urban Environment

Rosendo kindly shared his experience using Ortelius Educational Edition to create maps for his final project.

“I just wanted to send a quick big thanks for Ortelius. This program single-handedly saved my skin this past semester. I was taking a course on History & Cartography, and Ortelius made my final project not only doable but enjoyable. I found it easy to use but also felt it brought out the creativity. The repurposed DC Metro Map was my flagship visual for this, and the class gave the most positive feedback over that particular one. Mason is very progressive in promoting digital humanities and the use of visual arguments. I turned on a classmate after sharing my success with Ortelius, and he too was saved by its capabilities.”

About the Project

When I moved from San Antonio, Texas to Washington, DC, I knew I was in for a change (I have never lived in any other city). My central concern was how was I to exist in my new urban environment without ever stepping foot there, and, more importantly, without a car? This mode of transport appeared axiomatic; how was I to survive without it? Simply, my freedom of movement adapted to alternative forms. With the automobile out of the question, my only choices were public transportation, walking, or cycling. Rather than associate with my actual mode of transportation, I began to develop a different kind of spatial placing; instead of regional landmarks (i.e.-the highway or north side of San Antonio) public and pedestrian transportation led to landmarks as points. The maps, and accompanying paper, relate the author’s transition of spatial thinking from one mode of transportation and landscape to another.

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