Our Thoughts on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store launched Jan. 6 and promises to be a great thing for Mac users. That the Mac App Store makes software license installation all but disappear, offers convenient multi-Mac licenses, and effortless one-click installation and updates is hard to ignore. Then there is discoverability. Here is a tweet that pretty much sums it up for us… “From the Mac App Store: Artboard – a vector drawing app I never would have seen otherwise.”

We’re blown away by the terrific response we’ve had with Artboard thus far. So, what does the Mac App Store mean for Ortelius? We don’t expect any changes to our Ortelius licensing process in the immediate future, but it is our goal that Ortelius users enjoy the same benefits from the Mac App Store. Here’s why we’ve decided to wait: 1) there is no mechanism for seamlessly migrating existing customers to a Mac App Store version of our products and 2) the Mac App Store requires Mac OS 10.6, to which many of our Ortelius customers have not yet upgraded. As the system requirements for Ortelius adapt we expect to eventually bring it over to the Mac App Store, too. To make it very clear to existing users, Ortelius 1.x will remain available via our store for the duration of its product cycle, so you’ve nothing to worry about!

We’re pretty excited about a future with the Mac App Store and all of our products. In the mean time, we’ll be looking at how other developers are handling the transition, participating in the store first-hand with Artboard, and keeping a close eye on its evolution.


UPDATE | WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: Will the Mac App Store start offering educational/volume licenses? They do for the iTunes App Store, but do not yet for the Mac App Store. We sure hope that’s coming!

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  1. Todd
    Todd says:

    I have tried 4 times to purchase ArtBoard, but can’t open an “App Store” account because apparently 42 years old is not old enough to open an account. How stupid is the logic for the App Store ? If you can get me a way to purchase this (too bad it isn’t Android, and I could buy it from your website …), I will be glad to. I have been looking for a good graphics program like this for my mac.

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