The Attributes Tab

An attribute is information that has been attributed to a feature, such as a river name, forest type, population value, house number, or country name. Attibute information can be used to add intelligent labels to objects, and more.

Unlike standard graphic design software, Ortelius has the ability to store attribute information associated with each map feature. This information is stored behind the scenes in the Ortelius Attributes Tab.

To Add a New Attribute to an Object

To add an attribute, such as an object name, select one or more objects and click the ‘+‘ button at the top of the Attributes Tab. When adding a ‘string’ type attribute, the attribute “NAME” with a blank value is initially added. “NAME” is the default attribute used by most text labels.

NOTE: Attributes are commonly available with geographic information system (GIS) data, e.g., shapefiles. Shapefile support is limited in Ortelius. Though formally georeferencing and reprojection are not supported, attribute information is retained.

Delete an Attribute

Copy / Paste Attributes

Select an object to copy attribute from.

  1. In the Attributes Tab, select the attribute to be copied.
  2. From the Action Menu (looks like a gear) at the bottom of the tab, choose ‘Copy Attribute’.
  3. Select object(s) to paste attribute to.
  4. From the Attributes Tab – Action Menu, choose ‘Paste Attribute’.

Filtered Search

The search bar in the Attributes Tab is used to filter attribute information. Type into the search bar to search available attributes of selected feature.