Reposition Your Map

Sometimes you may want to reposition and/or resize your content across all layers. You can do so with the ‘Reposition…‘ command.

To Reposition and/or Resize Content

Choose ‘File > Reposition…‘ from the main menu. You are presented with a bounding box that shows an overlay image of your map. Drag the box to reposition your content. You will see the existing map position and semi-transparent overlay map image as reference while you drag.

To resize the map, drag the bounding box corners. Hold the shift key to maintain the aspect ratio while resizing.

HINT: If your map contains shapefile map data, the source projection information and bounding box will be repositioned and/or resized with your map.

To Change the Starting Point of the Bounding Box

The Reposition bounding box is initially placed at the center of the page. If you need to change the starting point of the bounding box, hold the option key and drag it and/or drag its corner handles to move and resize it. When you release, you can continue to reposition your content.

Apply the Change

Once you are satisfied with the repositioning, chick the ‘Apply’ button to apply the change. This operation is undoable. Alternatively, choose the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Reset’ button.