Labeling Point Features

Many of Ortelius’ preloaded symbols have Text Adornment label templates defined, and labels will initially adopt the underlying text adornment style properties. Custom label styles are defined in the Style Inspector before a graphic is turned into a symbol. Like linear and area labels, a highlighted label “bubble” shows where the label has been placed. By default, labels are sized proportionately to the size of the map symbol.

To Add Labels to Symbols

  1. Choose the Select [s] tool.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Right-click a symbol and choose ‘New Label’ from the contextual menu.
  • Select one or more symbols and choose Edit > Labels & Text > New Label from the main menu.

HINT: Labels support multi-line text. Press Option-Return or Shift-Return on the keyboard to manually insert a line break.

To Edit Point Feature Labels

  1. Choose the Select [s] tool.
  2. Double-click the label and begin to type. Note, the "%%Name" code can be ignored to insert a free-text label.

To Achieve Just-Right Positioning of Point Feature Labels

Just-right positioning means perfect placement every time. Initial label placement is the upper right-hand corner of the symbol.

  1. Add a label to a symbol.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • With the symbol selected, press and drag the label to reposition it in any of eight standard positions surrounding the symbol, or positioned on center. The label will snap into position. Rotated a label by dragging its rotation handle. Hold the shift key while rotating to snap the angle to 15-degree increments.
  • Labels can also be moved into any position around the symbol. Hold the shift key while moving the label into the perfect position.

3. Optional leader-lines can be added. Right-click the label and choose ‘Show Leader Line’ from the contextual menu.

HINT: As needed, right-click the label and choose ‘Detach Label’ to move it anywhere (the label will be completely detached from the feature and its attributes and become an ordinary text object).

Rotate Label

Move the label purple rotation knob. Hold the shift key while rotating to constrain rotation to 15-degree increments.