Index Grid

Maps, such as city and road maps, often use an index to assist the reader in finding specific locations. An index grid is superimposed over the map and is typically annotated with letters and numbers around the edges of the map border. For example, many map readers are familiar with finding a road located in grid cell “G-4.” The Ortelius Index Grid, visible on the Index Grid layer, has flexible controls for adjusting grid cell spacing, border styling, colors, and more.

Show (or Hide) the Index Grid

The Index Grid is visible by default when a new drawing is created.

Click the Index Grid “show” (eye) icon in the Layer’s list to show (or hide) it.

To Edit Index Grid Settings

  1. Open File > Map Size & Units… > Index Grid from the main menu.
  2. Click check boxes to edit left, right, top, and bottom Index settings. The following options are available:
  • turn ON and OFF annotation
  • turn ON and OFF borders
  • change from letters to numbers
  • rotate annotation
  • reverse the order of annotation
  • edit border settings, such as line width, gap, and color

3. Edit Grid Spacing, including divisions, majors, and color.

4. Edit the Horizontal and Vertical Annotation, including start numbers, increments, placement, and font.

HINT: The Index Grid is dependent on the map scale and affects other derived objects such as Scale Bars.