Adjusting Connectable Tracks

Ortelius tracks are smart – tracks know about other tracks, and automatically form networks that represent a road, street, rail or even waterway network. When a track is connected to another track, it forms a junction. Use the Geometry Tab to adjust Track End Caps, Width adaptors, and more.

End Caps

Connectable tracks can have different end caps at their start and end points. By default, the end style is open-ended (none). The start and end points can also have either round-ended, closed bar, circle, and tear-drop end caps.

  1. Selecting the track or tracks to accept the new end caps.
  2. In the Geometry Tab, choose the desired End Cap for start and end points of the track from the drop-down lists.

Track Types

By default, all tracks are a generic type and will connect together. This setting does not typically need changed. Tracks of different track type are prevented from formally connecting to each other.

Width Adaptors

Ortelius creates beautifully smooth transitions between styles of varying widths using Width Adaptors.

  1. With the track selected, open the Object Inspector – Features pane.
  2. Choose from one ot the following Width Adaptors:
  • Wider
  • Narrower
  • Smooth Blend (the default for style transitions)
  • Average

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Disconnect Connected Tracks

Occasionally, it may be undesirable to have tracks in a network move with a selected track.

  1. With the track selected, open the Geometry Tab.
  2. Click the ‘Disconnect All Junctions’ button to disconnect all junctions associated with the track.

Convert To Connectable Track

  1. Select a path to be converted.
  2. Choose Convert To > Connectable Track from the Geometry Tab. It will now be able to accept other track connectors (you may need to adjust the end point positions to “snap” to other tracks).