Add a North Arrow

Maps typically indicate which way is north. Commonly this is done by a north arrow or compass rose. Orientation may also be shown by graticule or grid marks (e.g. lines of latitude and longitude). By convention north is towards the top of the page (thus some maps do not have north arrows), but the orientation is usually still given for a “proper” map. When north is not at the top of the page a north arrow is essential.

To Add a North Arrow from the Built-in Library

  1. Open the Styles & Symbols palette.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Type “arrow” in the search field (be sure all items are available for searching).
  • Choose the ‘Map Elements’ category from the palette library drop-down list.

3. Drag an arrow from the palette onto your map.

To Rotate a North Arrow

  1. Select the north arrow symbol.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • As needed, use the Object Inspector Geometry pane (or the Geometry panel) to type the specific angle of rotation.
  • Right-Click on North Arrow symbol and choose “detached from master.” The north arrow is now an object that can be further edited and rotated directly.