China Point: Book Cover Map Illustrated with Ortelius

China Point is the new mystery-thriller from best-selling author Tom Snyder. Follow top fraud investigator Dann Arthur as he uncovers wrongdoing at the highest levels in his own company, and share the excitement off Catalina Island where Dann’s small boat is almost run down by an out-of-control yacht.

Risking his life, Dann scrambles aboard to find that the yacht is sinking and the only occupant—is dead. Minutes later Dann is knocked cold. Regaining consciousness, he finds that the Coast Guard has arrived but the body has disappeared. Soon caught in a tangle of law enforcement, attorneys, and the beautiful owner of the yacht, the mystery deepens as Dann realizes that someone has him square in their sights. Order China Point now from Apple iBooks for $2.99. Available soon on Kindle.

The book cover for China Point was illustrated using Ortelius map design software. Congratulations Tom on another wonderful book!