Saving Your Drawing

Ortelius is optimized for Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks, including auto-saving and versions. Auto-save will periodically save your work for you (these features require at least OS 10.7+ “Lion”).

Additionally, a user’s file may be saved as a template.

To Save Your Drawing:

Do one of the following:

  • Choose File > Save… to manually save your file.
  • With the release of OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion”, Apple has returned the “Save As” file dialog (yippie!). Hold down the Option-key and choose File > Save As… from the main menu.

HINT: If you prefer not to use Autosave and Versions you can disable it under Ortelius > Preferences > Options.

To Duplicate Your Drawing:

Choose File > Duplicate to create a new file that is a copy of the current file.

To Save a Drawing as a Template:


Choose File > Templates > Save Copy As Template… from the main menu.

HINT: Next time you open File > Templates > New From Template you will see your saved template files.

HINT: If you need to access your template files to rename or back-up the files, they are saved to a special folder:

  • In Mac OS 10.6 – located at ~/Library/Application Support/com.mapdiva.ortelius/My Templates, where ~ is your home directory.
  • In Mac OS 10.7 and greater, you can right-click a user template within the Template Window and choose “Reveal In Finder”.
  • In OS 10.8+ these files are moved to the Ortelius Sandbox located at ~/Library/Containers/ Support/ Templates