The Ortelius Image Browser

The Image Browser provides quick access to your iPhoto, Pictures folder, and Smart folders, and you can attach other folders as desired. Import PNG, JPG, non-editable PDF, and TIFF images as well as vector SVG files into your Artboard drawings. Imported SVG are fully editable vector graphics.

Images can be masked, cropped, scaled, enhanced, and more! See Working With Images for details.

To Open the Image Browser:

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Image Browser icon in the toolbar.
  • Choose File > Image Browser from the menu.

To Import Images from the Image Browser:

  1. Drag images from the Image Browser directly to your drawing canvas. If an image is larger than the drawing canvas size, it will be scaled to fit the canvas (though can be rescaled in the Geometry panel).
  2. Select a root folder or iPhoto folder to browse images.
  3. To add folders, click the “+” button and navigate to the folder to browse, or to remove a folder from the list, select it and click the ‘-‘ button.

To Import SVG from the Image Browser:

  1. Similar to images, simply drag editable vector SVG 1.1 files from the Image Browser to your drawing canvas.
  2. Ungroup as needed to edit.