Use the Cookie Cutter to Split Area Features on Your Map

Need a quick way to split existing objects (like states) into sections? You can do it with the Cookie Cutter operation. Find out how…

Draw Clipping Shape


In this example, we want to split the three orange colored states into east-west sections. We start with the United States template file (choose File > New From Template from the main menu). On the states layer, draw a clipping shape (shown in gray). We draw the shape to extend outside the edges of the shapes to be clipped.

Cookie Cutter


Select the states to be split and the clipping shape and choose Graphic > Combine > Cookie Cutter from the main menu.

Results of Cookie Cutter


The Cookie Cutter operation will use the top clipping polygon to slice the selected polygons below it – just like a cookie cutter ;). The result is the states are split where the polygon intersected it.

Select and Symbolize as Desired


The states are now split into sections that are individual polygons. Select and choose from the Symbols palette to symbolize as desired.