Quick Tip: User Guide Language Localization

German? Japanese? French? We’ve taken our User Guide online and added Google Translate to the mix. If you prefer viewing it in a language besides English, here’s how.

Open the User Guide

  1. In the Ortelius app, click any Help "?" button to open the User Guide. It requires an Internet connection.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the left navigation menu to see the Google Translate drop-down.

HINT: This option is also available when accessing our website Ortelius User Guide and Tutorials from any browser.

Select Language

Google Translate Controls

A top bar is placed over the User Guide where you can control settings, show the original, and close. In addition, hover your cursor over any text block to view the original. We know Google Translate isn’t perfect, and people can even contribute to a better translation directly from this interface.