Vector drawing for map design.

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Ortelius Map Design Cartography Software App for OS X

Ortelius Accolades

  • About This Particular Macintosh “Mapdiva has a winner on its hand… There are some Mac map-making programs out there, but none in the price range or that possess the features found in Ortelius…” ATPM Rating = Excellent
  • Swipe Design Award: Best Mac Application
  • Softpedia “If you like drawing maps, or you do this at the office on a regular basis, be sure to use or just give Ortelius a try. You may find that even the most difficult maps can be created in a record time with no headaches… I truly recommend this program. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.” Editor’s Rating = 4-stars
  • Graphic Design & Publishing Center “While Ortelius is specifically for map illustions, we can see that this vector-based drawing and cartographic design program has a world of possibilities for many other applications as well… for a 3rd the cost of Illustrator!”

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