A new version of Ortelius is available for download. New customers will automatically receive this version (or a later one), but existing customers need to read this page carefully for upgrade instructions. The first version of Ortelius this affects is version 2.2.3

Due to major changes early in 2019 behind the scenes at Mapdiva, it has been necessary to update all our internal code signing assets, etc. While a key goal for us was to avoid any disruption to customers, unfortunately these changes have forced a situation where we cannot provide a continuity of updates for existing customers.

To update to version 2.2, you need only re-download the application from here:[Download Ortelius]. Quit Ortelius if necessary, then double-click the .dmg file and copy Ortelius to /Applications. This will overwrite your old copy of Ortelius. (If you wish to keep the old one, rename it prior to this step). You can then safely “eject” the .dmg, and continue to work with Ortelius. Your existing license codes will continue to work, and future updates will be within the application as usual.

(Info updated: August 2019)