Rhonda’s Centro Histórico Guide & Street Map of San Miguel de Allende

Finally, a different kind of map! Enhance your experience in San Miguel de Allende with this very usable, high-quality, fully-detailed street map and Centro Histórico Guide. Cartographer Rhonda Lerner uses Ortelius to create a map that is packed with information, is well-organized, and easy to access.

It was 800 hours of computer time for the entire creation, plus untold hours spent walking up and down each street in the downtown collecting business cards to include their shop/restaurant, etc. in the guide. “One Sunday we traveled for two hours in our golf cart throughout Colonia San Antonio to record the one-way streets. Lots of one-way arrows there!,” says Rhonda about the map.

Do you want to know where to go eat, visit, shop and explore while in San Miguel? The guide features more than 295 listings for Bakeries, Bars & Dancing, Cafés, Cooking, Culture, Dining, Galleries, Liquor & Deli, Organic, Outdoors, Schools, Shipping & Mailing Services, Shopping, Street Food, Theater, Transportation and Wellness, Spa & Beauty. ATM and currency exchange locations are quickly found. Want to save some pesos? Find out where to buy the VIP San Miguel Restaurant Club Card. The street map features 72 Colonias and Barrios defined by color, one-way street arrows, pedestrians-only zones, hospitals, rivers, parks, bridges, highways, UNESCO World Heritage & Centro Histórico boundaries. All maps are drawn to scale.

Visit Rhonda’s Map to view more images and order this wonderful online (available on high-quality coated paper and digitally on the Avenza PDF Map Store).