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      I’m an orphan of Canvas X GIS (no more for mac). Ortelius is a great new for me but it hasn’t some important features:

      1) drawing in real coordinate system (for example I work in Trasverse Mercator – Monte Mario)

      2) the possibility to registering scanned image or raster

      3) export in shape format!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4) other GIS typical operation

      Excuse me for my english… :-)

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      Hello, thanks for your comments.

      1. drawing in “real-world” coordinate space is on the horizon for the Ortelius Professional Edition, along with support of multiple projections

      2. GeoTIFF support is planned for the Professional Edition, where we will have fully geo-referenced and projected everything

      3. and 4. currently, Ortelius is designed for cartographic output as the end product, intentionally not a GIS system, though the Professional Edition with add more GIS-type operations to the currently available tools (your suggestions are noted)

      On a general note the Standard Edition is likely to fall short in some aspects for hardcore geographers and GIS users; the Professional Edition is intended to provide many more GIS features.

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      Thank you very much for the answer, so I wait for Pro Edition!

      Congratulations for the software

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