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      How do you perform a text wrap?

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      Hi Roroco,

      Text wraps in text boxes by default. As you size the box, text wraps to new lines as needed. You can turn off this behaviour by unchecking the ‘wrap’ checkbox in the Text panel.

      If you mean how to get text to follow the edge of an irregular shape, you can do that by following these steps.

      Let’s say you want text to wrap at the edge of the circle:

      text wrap 1

      The key to unusual text wrapping is applying a ‘clipping path’ to the text box, then setting the text to wrap to that path. In this case, the clipping path would be the rectangle of the text box LESS the rounded edge of the circle, so to form that path, make a rectangle to cover the text box and a copy of the circle object, then use the ‘Combine > Difference‘ command to remove the circle from the rectangle.
      Next, ‘cut’ the path formed, removing it from the drawing and placing it on the Clipboard. Right-click the text box and choose ‘Paste Text Clipping Path‘:

      text wrap 2

      Initially the text won’t change, but you should see that the circular edge appears within the text box selection. In the Text panel, change the wrapping type to ‘In Clipping Path‘, and uncheck the ‘Clip’ checkbox:

      text wrap 3

      Now the text will flow to follow the curved path:

      text wrap 4

      And when unselected:

      You can use variations on this technique to create all sorts of fancy text wraps. Just remember that the text only wraps to the clipping path of the text shape itself, so you need to form the necessary shape using other drawing commands and apply it to the text box.

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      Just an FYI. In Artboard 2.2 and later, text wrap around other objects has been greatly simplified.

      When a text shape is selected, a new edit panel in the Geometry Tab will appear. Simply click the ‘Text Wrap’ checkbox to enable automatic text wrapping for the shape. This works by automatically calculating the clipping and wrapping path for the text shape, based on other objects it intersects with. This path is updated live as shapes are moved around.

      You can also choose whether text avoids other shapes (the usual case), or wraps within them. You can also set the margin around shapes.

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