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    Hi Jill,

    In 2011 you wrote following which was the solution for my “problem” in Ortelius 1
    To save a symbol with a custom label, you must create a new symbol and save to your User Library. You cannot edit symbols directly in the built-in Library. See http://www.mapdiva.com/2010/06/creating-new-symbols-without-starting-from-scratch/ for some tips. Before turning a graphic into a new symbol, add label settings by adding a “Text Adornment” style component in the Style Inspector. Adjust font settings and color as desired. To use the underlying style from a Text Adornment as a template for a label, be sure to disable (uncheck) the Text Adornment after defining it. After you turn it into a symbol, the font settings will be applied to the labels you add.

    With Ortelius 2 I cannot do this the same way you wrote in 2011. Or is there another solution for my “problem”?

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    Hi Bob,

    In Ortelius 2, this is now the style component ‘ADORNMENT: Label Template’ found in the Style Tab under the “+” button. It works in much the same way. Select the object and add the ‘Label Template’ style adornment. Adjust the text attribute settings. Disable (uncheck) the ‘Label Template’ style adornment before turning your object into a symbol or grouping with other objects. After you turn it into a symbol, the font settings will be applied to the labels you add.

    User Guide topic: Label Templates

    It can be tricky to see the added ‘Label Template’ style adornment when working with very small shapes, for example when working with a small detached symbol/graphic. I often will just draw a larger rectangle with the same style to see it better. Let me know if you need more help with this.

    I will update the referenced tutorial “Creating New Symbols Without Starting From Scratch” to make sure it reflects any changes in Ortelius 2.

    Best regards,


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