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      Hello and thanks for developing Ortelius for the Mac. It great to see this platform finally getting some good geospatial attention from developers. I have begun playing around with Ortelius a little and wondered if I could request several file formats that would be great to have supported.

      KML files. As this Google Earth format (now open sourced) becomes more ubiquitous, it would be great to be able to bring these into Ortelius for further editing. An Export feature would also be nice for KML.

      GPX format – This would be very handy for importing GPS data into Ortelius for mapping. Nice to be able to export this data as well if edited in Ortelius

      DRG (geoTIFF) format – Using a raster base map in the form of a GeoTIFF DRG would be wonderful. This would enable the use of maps such as USGS Quads to be imported and used as base maps for vector data overlays.

      I know that Ortelius is mainly a Vector based application, but GPX and KML are vector based and would be be a welcome addition to Ortelius.

      Thanks for supporting Shapefiles. Nice to see this in there, but as GPX and KML become more common among non-GIS professionals, these formats could perhaps widen the reach for Ortelius users.

      Thank you and keep up the great work.

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      I would like to second the request for KML and especially GPX files – I’d be able to pretty much dump GPSMapedit and my entire Boot Camp partition if I could bring GPX into Ortelius.

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      Hi – thanks for the feedback. We plan to support numerous ways of getting data into Ortelius, including those you mention. Also, support for Open Streetmap and other de-facto GIS formats is planned as well as other vector formats like SVG and .ai. Some of these will be reserved for the Pro edition but others will become part of the Standard edition as the product evolves.

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