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      Those of us who are non-GIS types are often challenged to illustrate geographic entities (state and countries) by a characteristic. For example: election results, tax policies, etc.

      It seems as though Mapdiva could grow in a unique market space: maps-from-tables. The user would (a) pick a template and (b) import an Excel or .cvs worksheet. After the user confirmed some choices, Mapdiva would assign to a drawing layer a color or crosshatch for each intersection of characteristic and place name (e.g., Mississippi / <$10 million; Minnesota / >$50 million; etc.).

      This could be a user-friendly feature of Mapdiva and you could also license the map-coding feature, by itself, as a plug-in to Excel, etc. to generate income AND promote the full-featured Mapdiva app. GIS for dummies!

      If you can already do what I’m talking about in Mapdive, please tell us non-GIS types how.

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