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      Erik M-H


      Is there a way to define the *first* sequence number in a sequence? I have a case where I’d like the first one to be numbered “0,” and another where “32” should be the first item.


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      Hi Erik,

      While the internal design of sequencing does have a starting offset, there isn’t an interface to set it in the current version.

      A possible workaround is to detach the symbols from their masters and set the ORTL_SEQUENCE_NUMBER attribute directly.

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      Erik M-H

      Thanks, Graham!

      For the “0” case, I ended up just not using a “0” item — I’ll detach one instead & put it to use!

      For the “32” case, I created 31 extra items (*not* detached, so they don’t add much overhead) & made them invisible.

      But consider this a feature request, I guess!

      — Erik

Viewing 2 reply threads
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