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    I create a symbol by selecting a shape and choosing Graphics/AddsToSymbols library. If I then use that symbol, I just created, with the Stamp tool, the stamped out symbol doesn’t have the same size as the original shape I used. I need to scale it 200%


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    Hi Etienne,
    Symbols saved to your library should be the same size as the original (we will need to look at this more if that is not the result you are getting). To scale one or more symbols after placement, choose the Geometry Tab with the symbol(s) selected. In the Geometry Tab below the first section, there is a box where you can adjust the scale by a % (you can also grab an individual symbol’s handle and drag it to manually resize, but that isn’t as precise if you need exactly 200%).
    Best regards,

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    Hi Jill
    Thanks for the answer.
    I do not particularly want 200%, it is the scale I need to use if I want to have the same size as my orignal.

    I tried to change the scale of the symbol using the Geometry tab, it has no effect. To change the size I need to select it in the symbol library and there the change of scale has an effect.

    Obviously I have a problem with scale, when I use the “hedge storke” it draws something enormous, see file.

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    Hi Etienne,
    Your screenshot helps. Hedge stroke is an expert style made from stacking two zig-zag strokes. In the built-in library, we use 18pt stroke widths which would be right for a larger scale map. Try cloning the built-in style and change the stroke with on both zig-zag style components to something much smaller, such as 2.5pt. When it comes to using complex styles like this one (which is one of the more advanced examples), sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation to see what works. You can then use your new style on paths, rather than creating symbols. I hope that helps. – Jill

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    Just to add to this discussion, if you find you need to consistently scale symbols to fit your map by a fixed amount, you can set up a ‘prescale’ value which will take care of this without you having to do it for each symbol individually. The prescale value is entered in the ‘Map Setup’ panel.


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