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    OK, its very easy to add a bridge or tunnel to a track. But how do you remove one ?

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    I have just found a workaround. I cut the track just before and after the bridge or tunnel. Delete that part and drag the endpoint back to join the leftovers back together. Then i use the join command to get one track again.

    But is this supposed to be the way to do it ?

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    Hi Macflippo, Removing bridges and tunnels is a functioning feature, unfortunately a small bug has left these disabled. Currently, right click and choose “delete style” to remove tunnels. Bridges are a slightly different case, and at the moment cannot be properly undone. Apologies, we’ll address the issue promptly. Thanks for catching this – we’ll post again as soon as we have an update. – Jill

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    I have investigated this and the bug is less severe than it appeared, and only affects the right-click (contextual) menu.

    In the current version you can delete any bridge, cutting or embankment as follows: Use the Linear Select tool to add a selection that includes the item(s) to be deleted. In the main menu, Choose Edit > Paths & Tracks > Delete Overlaid Styles. The selected item(s) will be removed, leaving the original track path untouched, including any style variations.

    Currently items such as bridges, cuttings and embankments are all lumped under the generic term ‘overlaid style’, so where you see that term, that’s what it’s referring to. This is less than clear, so I am working on making it more explicit, by naming these items as ‘Bridge’, ‘Cutting’, etc. as appropriate. This should be in the next update.

    Thanks for your patience!


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    Just to further clarify something – Bridges and Tunnels are handled in slightly different ways, and this makes a difference to how they are manipulated.

    Within a track, styles can either be “in line”, or “overlaid”. An in-line style is what is used when blending one style into another, for example when a road changes width or colour. Tunnels are a kind of in-line style.

    Overlaid styles are extra styles applied in addition to the underlying track style, and bridges, cuttings and embankments are implemented as overlaid styles. Various commands apply to one kind of style or another, so you currently need to have some awareness of the difference.

    Changes I’m making should help avoid the need to really get your head around all of this, though to really get the best out of the features built-in to the track objects, it’s probably worth knowing.

    If you want to experiment, here’s another tip: when you apply a style to a selected portion of a track, it is applied in-line generally, but by holding down the option key when you choose the style, it is added as an overlay style. This gives you a way, for example, to insert custom bridges and other similar objects if the default ones are not to your liking.

    So, to answer your question about how to delete a tunnel, you can right-click on it and choose “Remove Style”, or use the Linear Select tool to drag over it so that the selection extends into the styles beyond the ends of the tunnel and choose Edit > Paths & Tracks > Unify Styles.

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    Ok, thanx Jill, Graham! This website is now one of my daily visits. Just to learn more about your magnificent piece of software… Ortelius.

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