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      When drawing or editing in Ortelius after a while the Undo function stops working.

      After a restart the Undo works several times but then stops again.

      I downloaded the most recent version of Ortelius.


      System specs: MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz 15″ with Leopard 10.5.8.


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      Thanks for your report on this issue. We’ll check into it and get back with more information.

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      If I could add to this it would be to agree that there is something fishy with undo. At the moment I am waiting for Ortelius to stop the spinning which appears to happen every time I attempt to undo a path deletion.

      I save often, even though Ortelius has never crashed on me.

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      Thanks for the report. We’re actively working on this issue. It appears that Undo does stop working after a period of time. We’re looking into this as well as a few related issues with Apple’s Snow Leopard implementation of the Undo function, which has changed. It would be helpful to know #1 about how long you’re using Ortelius when you notice the Undo stop working, #2 with the spinning ball, is this from the app startup or only after you’ve been using for a period of time? and #3 if you’re running Leopard or Snow Leopard. Thanks for your patience as we resolve this issue – rest assured we’re working diligently on it.

      Saving often is always a smart thing to do. Enabling the Crash reporter in the Ortelius Preferences will also assist us in resolving any crashes if/when they should happen.

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      #1 – I will have to report back on this one, I will relaunch and let you know how it goes. It is not often that I try to undo, but I will do some testing on my map.

      #2 – The spinning ball is not from the app startup, loading my working map takes just a few seconds and the program runs smoothly. It is only with the undo that I have problems. Again, I will test some more on a copy.

      #3 – Snow Leopard, and unfortunately I do not have a Leopard computer to test with.

      I have crash feedback enabled, but Ortelius has yet to crash. Even with the spinning ball, it seems as if the software is “confused.” The ball will spin endlessly if I let it, but usually I wait about 30 seconds… switch to the desktop (via a mouse click)… and then switch back to Ortelius (via command-tab). That usually sorts out the problem. In fact, the undo (delete path) is usually successful. There are other cases where I try to undo the moving of a path and that is unsuccessful. Ortelius continues to undo other actions, but seems to forget that I moved the path.

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      FYI. I experience this with both Leopard and Snow Leopard. Within a couple of minutes the Undo stops working, even though the option still appears within the menu. I cannot see that any particular task I undertake initiates it. Furthermore, I can be working for 20 minutes or so before it happens. The only consistent problem I experience is that I cannot undo changes to the attributes.

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      We would dearly love to get a proper grip on this bug. There are a couple of reasons why it’s proving really hard to find. The basic issue is that undo works by opening an undo group, recording a bunch of operations, and closing the group. However, if the code throws an exception for any reason (and this can be for trivial reasons) while the undo group is open, the undo stack is put into an unbalanced state and stops working – in this sense the Undo code provided by the Apple frameworks is fragile and not self-correcting. Ortelius is currently catching all exceptions and dealing with this as far as we can tell, yet the bug persists, so there is something that is triggering an exception that is not getting caught properly. The next problem is that we simply cannot reproduce this. It seems common enough that it should be easily triggered, yet none of the testing pathways we currently have in place do this. So we NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO CAUSE THIS. Please use the built-in bug reporter to submit the steps you took that triggered the bug, that way me may gradually be able to put together a picture of where the problem is cropping up.

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