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      What a great alternative to the $2000 MAPublisher, which I can’t afford.

      I print a golf guide in Hawaii. It is printed using process colors. Normally, I’d overlay my EPS vector art over my raster in InDesign or Illustrator.

      Do you have a workflow plan for process color work?

      When will the pro version be available? If I buy the standard, what is my upgrade cost? Can I get a usable map for press now with this version?

      I’m happy to buy and support this effort of yours, which I am thrilled over. Keep up the great work!

      P.S. For all you GIS experts, keep posting those technical questions so newbies like me can learn!

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      Hi. Your application sounds exactly the sort of thing Ortelius standard edition is designed for. Right now we don’t do anything special in the standard version regarding process colour or provide any extra code to deal with CMYK separations, etc. However, we do use calibrated colour throughout which means that if you have a calibrated workflow and select your colours using an appropriate picker (such as the third-party Pantone picker, or the built-in CMYK) you should be able to accurately reproduce those colours. Output to the printer is PDF as standard for Mac OS X, and carries through the calibrated colour. Most printers are usually able and willing to accept PDF these days (and in fact often prefer it, as it solves all the old font hassles, etc). If post-processing work is needed on the PDF prior to printing, the printers will usually be able to manage that for you. Alternatively the PDF can be imported into Illustrator . We are investigating what sorts of pre-press features we need to support for the Pro version. At the moment we don’t have a definite timescale or upgrade policies worked out, but we do plan to offer an upgrade from standard to Pro when it is available.

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