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      Hi there, I have just installed the trial version of ortelius and when I go to open the application I receive a notification saying “ortelius 2 can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.”

      What shall I do?

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      The problem is that Ortelius is not notarised to run on Mac OS X “Catalina” (10.15). Notarisation is a new thing that developers need to do as part of selling apps outside the App Store. Unfortunately to get this notarisation, Mapdiva is going to be forced to change the “bundle ID” of Ortelius. This will break all in-app updates and lose the connection with any user-created collections, etc. We have been in touch with Apple about this but they are unable to do anything to prevent this. So far, we have resisted pushing out that change and have been looking for an alternative, but it looks as if we have no choice.

      Right now, the upshot is that you will see this message on “Catalina” for a fresh download of the trial version. You can work around it as instructed here:

      However, the real fix is for us to bite the bullet and change the bundle ID, so we can release a notarised version of the app. Unfortunately this will cause a lot of disruption, so we are currently planning for that so we can handle the inevitable deluge of customer issues.

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