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      Erik M-H

      Jill & Graham —

      First, a hearty congratulations on your big 2.0 release! I’m very excited to begin using it!

      A small point about the activation instructions. They read:

      To activate your license, open the Ortelius app and choose Ortelilus • Activate from the main menu. Click Enter Activation Number and paste the above license code into the license window.

      However, there is no “Activate” submenu in the “Ortelius” (actually, “Ortelius 2”) main menu:

      Ortelius 2 main menu

      I was able to register by quitting Ortelius 2, relaunching it, and choosing “Enter Activation Number” from the Ortelius 2 Trial dialog box:

      Ortelius 2 trial dialog box

      I can’t wait to start playing (and then working) with new new release!

      (Oh, and “57 days”? I downloaded it less than twelve hours ago and only launched it a few minutes ago. That’s a curious length!)

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      Erik M-H

      Hmph. No way to preview or to edit posts. :-( I got the URL for the second image wrong.

      Ortelius 2 main menu

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      Ah ha Erik, that’s embarassing. Thanks for letting us know! We’ll update the activation instructions ASAP.

      – Jill

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