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      Ortelius 1.9 on mac

      I spent 2-weeks on an important map. And now it fails to load. It causes severe application usage and causes ortelius to crash refusing to open. It then forces mac to open the force quit to close ortelius. It ends up using all my application memory. Stating 32gb. Which if i dont force quit causing my mac to restart.

      How can i fix this. This is an important file. I have backups but means i lose 2-3 days which is a lot of information.


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      Hello Wilky,

      Contact us at customer-support{at} and attach the file. I can run it with debugging tools and see what the issue is. Usually when Ortelius suddenly starts consuming a lot of resources or lagging, it is due to a style that demands an enormous number of drawing operations. Of course we treat all customer documents in confidence.

      Note that Ortelius 1.9 is no longer supported. Ortelius 2 has been available since 2016 and includes many changes that help mitigate this sort of problem. I would strongly encourage you to upgrade if your work is critical, because it means we can continue to support you when this sort of issue arises.

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