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      With the release of Ortelius 2.0, earlier versions of Ortelius are no longer available from our store. Ortelius 2 is (an awesome) major upgrade and separate purchase. See Workflow Changes from Ortelius 1 to see some of the highlights. If you’re an Ortelius 1.9 user, knowing about these workflow changes will smooth your transition to Ortelius 2.

      For existing Ortelius 1.9.8 users, we recognize you may still need access to the archive app download. It is available at Ortelius 1.9.8 Archival Download. Your license file (check your email history) unlocks the trial software. License are no longer for sale for Ortelius 1.9.8. Also available are the Ortelius 1.9 User Guide (PDF) and Ortl 1.9 Tracks Best Practices (PDF).

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