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    Rob GT

    Hi there Ortelius

    I’m having an issue saving files that have already been saved many times before. I regularly save them as I make changes to the images, but now it comes up saying “the file cannot be saved”. When I try to duplicate it (to rename and save it as a different name), it come up saying “The operation could’t be completed. (Ortelius Error error 101.)

    I don’t want to shut Ortelius down and restart it as I don’t want to loose the changes I have made.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
    Rob GT

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    Hello Rob,

    I don’t know the exact cause, but it sounds like there is an exception being thrown during saving. This could come from almost anywhere. If you want to mail us at customer-support@mapdiva.com, attaching the file in its last saved form, I can take a look.

    Note that regular manual saving is simply unnecessary. Files are auto-saved every few minutes as you work, so the file on disk is always up to date within a few changes. However, it should be harmless, and would not cause this issue.

    Unfortunately if the internal state is such that the exception keeps occurring, there’s nothing I can suggest that will definitely work to overcome the problem (because I don’t know what it is). The last successfully autosaved file will be up to date within a few minutes of the last edit you made that saved OK.

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