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      Erik M-H

      When I assign a new string attribute via the Object Inspector, it’s great that “NAME” is auto-entered for me for the first attribute name, and that my text insertion cursor is already in the attribute-value field.

      There are several tweaks that could make my data entry even easier:

      1. Allow either RETURN or TAB (when entered in my newly populated attribute-value field) to create a new attribute and advance me to the next attribute-name field. (Currently, RETURN simply accepts my edits and puts me nowhere, while TAB moves me inexplicably down to the “Find Attributes” field.)
      2. Do not auto-fill “NAME-1” as the name of my second attribute. Instead, position me in the new attribute-name field (see above) and let me come up with a name myself.
      3. When I TAB from a newly-entered attribute name to the corresponding attribute-value field, this initiates a resorting of the attributes; however, the TAB simply moves me across to the next attribute-value field, even if the one I wanted to populate has just been sorted to a different line. This is somewhat irksome; I’d much prefer either a holding-off of the re-sort until I’ve “committed” my changes (with RETURN or ENTER or by clicking elsewhere with the mouse) or position me intelligently in the newly sorted attribute-value field.
      4. I usually want to use attribute names that I’ve used before; an auto-complete feature in the attribute-name field based on previously entered values would be a godsend!

      I’m trying to be a good Ortelius user and label every feature that it makes sense to label; addressing these three items would speed up my work greatly. Thank you!

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