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      I downloaded and installed Artboard on my Mac but for some reason I don’t have the ‘mutliple selection’ tool bar featured in the tutorial which allowed me to combine the image with the apple clipart. This is the toolbar which allows the coolness of combing the images.

      The link is here:

      I suspect this is because the paid version is required, but I simply wanted to test it out before purchasing and being denied the most basic tools makes it difficult to decide whether it is worth the investment.

      Thanks in advance.


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      Hello Adam,

      The clip/combine feature is not disabled in the trial version. I’m not sure what you’re seeing because the screen shot you tried to upload can’t be viewed (it’s too big – we have a maximum size of 300k for image attachments). If you can provide some more details I’ll be happy to look into it, but everything should be working.

      Be sure you’re not in image editing mode when you try to apply the clip/combine (this mode is indicated by the yellow/black selection boundary), but just have the image and the clipping shape selected normally. Also, make sure those are the only objects selected.

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