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    I am trying to convert the measure tool to give distances in the map scale I am using from cm. I have tried to follow the instructions but the conversion does not happen. The steps I followed were:
    – use the measure tool to draw a line between two known points. In this case the map has an existing grid.
    – I double click on the ruler and modal dialog entitled Map scale and units appears. There are four drop down or text boxes immediately below the title.
    – the measure tool distance is entered into the second box
    – I select units in this case metres
    – I also enter the distance into the third box
    – the first box is updated to show Custom (1:28056)
    – I click on OK
    – When I try using the measure tool it still shows the distance in cm.

    What am I doing wrong.


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    Hi Historian,
    It sounds like you have set the scale correctly. In the Geometry Tab sidebar, you can toggle between displaying Points, Drawing Units, or Scale Units. Your Ruler tool is showing the Drawing Units (in this case, centimeters). At the top of the Geometry Tab, choose ‘Scale Units’ from the drapdown menu and the Ruler and Geometry will display will change automatically (in this case, to metres). I hope that helps. – Jill

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    Excellent that was the part I missed. You might update the help section to add that you have to choose to use the Geometry tab to set the scale to use map, drawing units or points. I should have picked up on that anyways but it would save another failing to figure it out.


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    Glad that helped. I’ve updated the Ortelius 2 User Guide to include that step. Thanks for your input!

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