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      Hello, all Artboard and Ortelius Customers.

      During the last month (December 2018 – January 2019), Mapdiva has undergone a lot of changes. We have relocated the business to Australia, and there have been a thousand-and-one issues to deal with getting the business ready to continue serving you into the future. We have tried to do all this without disrupting our customers, but you may have noticed a few changes already.

      The most important thing is that for you, it’s business as usual. All our licenses, subscriptions and products remain exactly as they were. There may be tweaks as we go forward, but we will always strive to put the customer first.

      I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jill for her sterling work in making the business what it is today over the last ten years. Jill is moving on to other endeavours, and we all wish her well and every success for the future.

      One of the unavoidable changes that we have been forced to make is that Artboard needs to be relisted on the Apple App Store as a new product. We tried everything to avoid this, since it means that existing App Store customers will not automatically receive updates, but Apple have their rules and try as we might they would not budge. So very soon, Artboard will be delisted on its existing page and appear in every way identical on a new page. Artboard customers who purchased our product through our own store will continue to see future updates as normal. We are still working on ways to ease this situation for our App Store customers. It hurts us as much as you, because we lose any visibility within the App Store that we have built up. Apple’s inflexibility is largely the reason we set up, and encourage customers to use, our own store. it’s cheaper, too

      So please bear with us as we work through this major renovation. It shouldn’t take much longer, and we aim to keep all disruption to a minimum. Thank-you for your patience!

      The (new) Mapdiva Team.

      Update: Artboard has now been relisted on the App Store. This is also an update (version 2.2.1, which is available to all customers.) However, please ensure you read this important information first.

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