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      Erik M-H

      Hello, all —

      I’ve played with Ortelius on and off since I discovered it last February. I’ve had a Big Project in mind, and have held off making my purchase till I was ready to begin. I’m beginning today; I’ve just purchased a license; and I have my first question!

      How can I adjust the opacity of a layer?

      I’ve tried creating an attribute for the layer called “opacity” (a “real” with a value of 0.5), but that had no effect. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the manual about this either.

      I ask, because I have several different sources for my map. I’ve put each onto a different layer. I’d like each one to be faintly visible as I work in layers over the top.

      Many thanks for any help anyone can give. I promise not to act too much like a complete tyro here: I’ll always check the manual and the forums before asking my foolish questions….

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      Hello Erik, Ortelius does not have controls for layer-level opacity. Opacity is controlled at the object level. It sounds as though you are interested in controlling image opacity of your source maps. For images, this is controlled in the Object Inspector – Features pane. You can select an image and adjust its opacity. For other features, the opacity is determined by its style and its color (the color opacity controlled in the Colors panel). Hope this helps, Jill

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      Erik M-H

      Many thanks, Jill; I’m sorry I didn’t spot that. Adjusting image opacity will work very nicely.

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