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    Rob GT

    Hi there,

    I’ve been using Ortelius to create signage for a trail network and am getting them printed on thin aluminium sheet by a sign maker.
    He has requested the images be a editable PDF or .eps file. I have sent through PDF’s but they don’t show the layers and his program needs to rasterise the images to make them work and that takes time and doesn’t give the best results.

    Is there a way I can export the images as a editable PDF or an .eps file
    or is there a way I can remove the background page and just have the image i’ve made as a layer that has no page information behind it?

    Please see example attached

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Hi Rob,
    Ortelius exports an editable PDF format (the default used by Apple). This is Adobe’s native file format without the prorietary aspects used in programs like Illustrator. While it preserves object ordering, it does not preserve layers in the same way as presented in an Ortelius file. In your case, you have all objects on a single layer and their stack order will be preserved in the PDF. You could try separating out the different colored drawing objects onto separate layers and exporting them separately. For example, sel-ect the black text and choose ‘Layer > Move To > New Layer’ from the main menu. Repeat for green object, etc. Then export the entire drawing as PDF, and export each layer as a separate PDF (choose ‘Layers’ as the export type in the Export dialog). This is not usaually necessary when taking your file to a printer, but may help given the sign printing process you’ve described. I hope that helps. – Jill

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