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    when I cut and paste text from Pages (word processing application) into the text box on Artboard, it comes a white background. is there away to remove the background and/or only paste the text? thanks!

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    Hehehe I can understand your problem but why you need copy and paste for this?
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    Hi Mike,
    You can reset the text style to the Artboard default in the Text Tab:

    To Apply the Default Text
    To change text in your drawing to the default, sel-ect the text and choose ‘Reset Text Style’ from the Action Menu at the bottom of the Text Tab. Alternatively, to change the active style of the Text tool, use either the Text Tab to adjust the text style properties, or use quick-pickup to grab a style from another text object.

    You can read more on text styles here: https://www.mapdiva.com/artboard/artb-user-guide/working-with-text-styles/#reset

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