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    I am suprised that I cant find really FREE hand pencil tool, which can be used without those helpful/unhelpful lines. Maybe I am wrong and there is it?

    Second thing is : short-keys viewed in View menu concerning zooming page – doesnt work. Zoom to actual size – cmd= is ok.

    And last I have problem with layers – I have drawed some lines in two layers and when I change color or size of one of them – ALL are changing, why?

    Please, if you find some time, help and reply


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    Hi Ula,

    There is a freehand path tool, which is located in the left-hand column of the tool palette between the straight line tool and the text box tool.

    The command key equivalents should definitely work, though the character + also requires the shift key. The others work as indicated, for example option-command – to zoom out. You can also right-click on the background of the drawing to get a menu with zooming commands, or you can use the scroll wheel of your mouse with the option key to zoom. There are also zooming tools.

    The last problem you mention is not a problem – it’s how Artboard works. When you create any object it has an applied style. This style is shared with other objects and that style remains ‘current’ until you change it. The easiest way to go to a new style is to click ‘New’ on the format bar, which starts from the default style of a grey fill and a black stroke, or ‘Clone’ to make a copy of the current style and then change it from there. Where a style is shared among objects, changing that style will change all objects it is applied to.

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    Thank you for replay!

    Some additional questions:

    – is it possible to change “curvature angle” of free hand tool? I would like to it be more sensitive to my hand (I am not sure if i said it clear)

    I would like to make measurements on my jpg image from microscope – there is scale bar. Is it possible to calibrate measurements first, second draw lines on image and then delete jpg and obtain only lines and measurements on vector graphic?



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    Hi Ula,

    You can change the sensitivity of the freehand tool in the preferences.

    Artboard isn’t designed for taking measurements off images (though Ortelius is well-equipped to do that). There is no scale bar in Artboard and all the measurements and dimensions reported are unscaled. While this was done to make a clear distinction between the features of Artboard and Ortelius, it may be something we do add in a future update.

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